Tinyprog stable version?


I’m trying to get a Bx working on a Mac (after ignoring it for 6+ months) and I’ve run into some problems with tinyprog and communication with the Bx. Apparently there’s a fix for v1.0.23 of tinyprog, but according to PyPI this version is no longer available. Nor is there a v1.0.22. There is a v1.0.21 however, and some development versions of v1.0.24 (but no v1.0.24 release). So my question is - what is the currently accepted stable version of tinyprog that works properly with OSX?

EDIT: I’m using Python3.


I’m using apio 0.4.0, tinyprog 1.0.21, python 3.6.5, OSX 10.14.1 and it mostly works… however it seems that I have to do tinyprog -l --pyserial each time I press the reset button on the Bx. Once I do this, apio upload (which calls tinyprog --libusb --program hardware.bin) will work, at least the first time. But if I simply press reset and try to upload directly, I will (always) get a “No port was specified and no active bootloaders found” error.

Is this expected behaviour with these versions of these tools?

EDIT: immediately after writing this I can now no longer get communications with the Bx - even tinyprog -l --pyserial results in a “No port was specified” error. Pressing the reset button or even power-cycling the board doesn’t seem to get it back, even though the LED is pulsating.

I’m optimistic but if I am frank this is why I shelved the Bx about 6 months ago - I just couldn’t get it to work reliably with OSX. I was kinda hoping things had improved since then, but maybe I’m not using the right combination of versions. Any help would be appreciated as I’d really like to get something useful done with the Bx but right now I can’t program it reliably.


I’m using Mojave 10.14.3, apio 0.4.0, Python 2.7.10 (in a virtual environment); I don’t know how to tell what version of tinyprog I’m using, but I installed it AFAICT 6 December.

It all works just fine. The difference I see is that you say tinpyprog --pyserial and I say tinyprog --libusb.