Unable to get USB port for TinyFPGA in VirtualBox


I am using TinyFPGA in Windows 10 using VirtualBox on a Mac.

I could get the USB port and TinyFPGA to be recognized and verily come uploaded. Now, though, I cannot. All that I get is

C:\Users\USER1>tinyprog -l

TinyProg CLI
Using device id 1d50:6130
No port was specified and no active bootloaders found.
Activate bootloader by pressing the reset button.

I had previously installed a Nucleo-32 board and its driver keeps appearing in VirtualBox’s Device->USB->InterBiometrics. I am not sure if that driver is from.

I have followed the TinyFPGA BX user guide.

I have entered the following commands:

pip install tinyfpgab --upgrade
pip install apio tinyprog
apio install scons ice storm iverilog
apio drivers --serial-enable
tinyprog --update-bootloader

but the system detects no USB ports.

Any advice is appreciated.


I had a similar problem. I believe for me, the solution was to change the VirtualBox settings to use a virtual USB 2.0 controller (instead of 3.0). You also typically need to “select” on the USB device in VirtualBox devices menu to give the Virtual Machine control (unless you have specifically added USB ID in VirtualBox config).