Using hardend SPI on TinyFPGA A2


Hi there
The TinyFPGA AX, in special A2 uses a FPGA from LATTICE with hardend (build in) SPI master or slave system. (Also I2C and some more are available)
so I would like to know if there is some hint for using this parts on the MACHXO2 1200 device used with TinyFPGA A2.
Would be a real fine project because that would help a lot of people getting forward with the hard wired stuff on theses LATTICE FPGAs.
If I get some help I would appreciate this. I wil try to but my eyperience on git.

Regards, Harald


Been working doing just that but have run into a road block… I have a lot of detail and a test build over in another post:


Hey have you found any details or hints/guides on how to implement the SPI properly? I’m currently trying to do this in a project with the MachXO2 fpga as a slave device, but it’s not able to read from the slave properly.