Virus warning for TinyFPGA_Programmer_1.1.5.exe


i tried to download the latest TinyFPGA_Programmer application. After downloading the file Windows Defender pops up with a message that it found a trojan (Trojan:Win32/Fuerboos.A!cl) in this file and immediately deletes it. My System ist a Windows 10 64 Bit and this only happens with the latest version TinyFPGA_Programmer_1.1.5.exe. The previous version TinyFPGA_Programmer_1.1.4.exe doesn’t invoke any virus warnings in Windows.
Am i the only one to have got such a warning in Win10-64?

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I recall one other person reporting this to me, but I haven’t seen it happen on my own machines when I run the installer. Can you paste the exact link you downloaded the installer from?


It’s this URL:


Also i don’t have to run it to actually trigger the virus alert. It triggers Windows Defender just after downloading it to my harddisk (without having to execute it). One or two seconds after the file has been written to the disk, Windows Defender pops up with the message and deletes the file immediately.


I just downloaded it and got the same issue. I’ll have to investigate further and understand what’s happening. Thanks for posting this!