Where is the Mac software for TinyFPGA Programmer


Where can I find the Mac version of the TinyFPGA Programmer software? The user guide points to https://github.com/tinyfpga/TinyFPGA-Programmer-Application/releases, but as far as I can tell that only contains Windows .exe files. I see version control comments about MacOS stability fixes, so I assume there’s a Mac version hiding somewhere? Poking through the git repository I see some python files, but nothing that looks like a stand-alone application.


And a related question - what tools are you using to turn those Python files into a stand-alone Windows .exe? That looks like a useful trick.


I don’t have a MacOS installer yet. The recommended way on MacOS is to install the command line tool with ‘pip install tinyfpgab’.

Then you can run ‘tinyfpgab -p bitstream_file.bin’


Thanks for your help. Is there a recommended way to install pip? MacOS 10.13 High Sierra has python 2.7.10 installed by default, but doesn’t seem to have pip. Google found some suggestions for getting pip, but they involve a lot of other steps like first installing Xcode. Sorry, I’m not too familiar with python development. Can I just manually download the .py files instead, or will I end up missing some dependencies that way?

I’m using the TinyFPGA A programmer with the A1 and A2 FPGAs, not the B series. From browsing tinyfpgaa.py, it looks like it’s designed to work only with the GUI and doesn’t have any command line capability. Is this not possible to use on a Mac?


Ok @bmow, I’ve got some instructions for you. The easiest way to install is to clone the repo via git:

git clone --recursive https://github.com/tinyfpga/TinyFPGA-Programmer-Application.git

The --recursive argument tells git to clone all the sub-modules as well. For more information on how git sub-modules work, check out this Git Submodules basic explanation.

Once you’ve cloned the repo you can launch the programmer with python:

cd TinyFPGA-Programmer-Application
python2 tinyfpga-programmer-gui.py


As a note (and I am sure there are some pitfalls to this) to install pip on a mac (which is a very useful thing to have) is to use homebrew (which is also very useful too!)

install > https://brew.sh/

then brew install python2 and it will install pip for you.