Windows 10 / VMware issues


Hello guys,

I am having trouble getting my tinyfpga passed through my windows host OS, into my linux os. I am not sure if this is due to a limitation in VMware workstation player.

The device usually connects fine after I first boot up the host machine. I can create a COM port in VMware, which will autoconnect to the windows com port representing the usb connection to the device. I can tell the device is in bootloader mode because one LED is solid and the other is blinking.

After I program the device, I’m unable to get the it to reconnect. I will hit the reset button, then the host OS will give me an error about an unsupported device. The LED will blink for some time (on the order of 10 seconds, maybe 20), then go back to the program.

Has anyone experienced similar issues? Do I need some other driver for Windows? Is there a configuration setting I need to change?

Does anyone know if I can pass through an entire com port on my host machine to my virtual machine, even if Windows thinks there’s an error installing the USB device?


in Virtual Box, I needed to downgrade the USB to 2.0 for it to work. Perhaps the same. with Workstation.